Why Should You Outsource?

The answer is actually quite simple: TIME AND MONEY. Outsourcing all or any part of your meeting planning needs allows you to utilize your organization’s internal resources to their best advantage. In short, you focus on the content of your meeting or conference while we manage the logistical details.

By outsourcing, you instantly add specialized expertise to your team bringing in proven professionals with skills to get the job done. Our professionals bring a broad view to give you a ‘new eye’ and providing a different perspective. You gain the time you need to take that important deep breath, to step back from the details and find the calm time necessary to double check the ‘big picture’.

If you are considering outsourcing any part of your meeting management, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Are the professional talents of my staff being utilized to their greatest advantage?
  • How do we take our meeting to the next level?
  • Are my staff resources and time being stretched to the limit?
  • Do I have the best technology to manage my meeting?
  • Where do we find experienced, ‘fresh eyes’ for the team?
  • How can I increase attendance and profitability?
  • Am I getting all the value for my meeting?
  • Do I need experienced, short term staffing?
  • Where can we get strong managers for on-site?
  • Can I outsource only the services I need?

We Have the Solutions.

At Conference & Logistics Consultants, Inc., we give you more than just a promise to save you time and money. We deliver solutions.

  • Expand your resources / increase your staff – just when you need it
  • Senior staff with broad industry experience
  • Over 300 on-site travel managers located nationwide; 25% multi-lingual
  • The latest technology and flexible, customized software tools
  • Experts in site location and contract negotiations
  • Fully current on key industry issues to safeguard your meeting
  • A dedication to the highest level service and a personal touch
  • A team that will earn your trust and confidence